A real pearl of the hotel "Villa Eugenia" certainly is a multimedia conference room – unique on the Croatian side. This place is where even the most complex requirements for the organization of training, courses or workshops will be transformed into a very successful and enjoyable moments. Solve the problems of your important business clients together, at the level they deserve.

Multimedia conference room is equipped with the latest technology, which allows maintenance of audio - video conferencing and multimedia presentations in excellent condition. Premium sound system, a digital microphone system, a video conferencing system that connects the participants of the conference with business partners anywhere in the world. We offer you a record of all activities in a variety of transmission media or transmission to an e-mail address, smart board, simultaneous PC presentations and more. The central control unit, which controls all the devices in the hall makes use of simple every user and demanding meetings can turn into a real pleasure. This method of communication gives a whole new dimension to the meetings that will enrich and satisfy even the most demanding teams.