Opatija is the center of the Riviera with the longest tradition of Croatian tourism. Significant impact on the development of tourism had a favorable Geoprometan position, where stands the closest exit to the warm waters of Central Europe and the proximity to large cities such as Milan, Vienna and Munich, lush vegetation and pleasant climate. 

Lungomare coastal path, which stretches from Volosko until Lovran is distinctive detail of this area. Walking through, before all, is enjoying the fresh sea air and beautiful coastal scenery and its numerous bays. Also, it is an opportunity to learn about local history , from its inception in Voloskom next to the birthplace of the great scientist Andrija Mohorovičića, continuing next former sanatorium and guest houses in the northern section, through the park Angiolina and Slatina and continue south to the stage of luxurious villas in Lovran, promenade passes next to buildings, sites and memorials.