How to reach us?

If you're heading for Villa Eugenia from Zagreb, please use the highway to reach the entrance to city of Rijeka where you should follow the direction OPATIJA-TRST (Trieste).

Follow the Rijeka's belt highway until reaching the sign pointing direction to city of Opatija ( you need approximately 20 minutes to reach the mentioned by car) where you should follow the right lane until the belt highway's exit (traffic lights-turn left) – please mind the traffic signs.

You're heading to Villa Eugenia if you've passed the sign OPATIJA, left behind you the supermarket BILLA (on your right side), if you're driving without making any turns and entered and passed small towns of Ičići ( on your left side you should spot Marina Ičići) and Ika and are driving straight to entrance of Lovran.

Hotel Villa Eugenia is situated on the right side of the main road which smoothly leads you from Opatija to Lovran; after the big curve by Lovran's hospital continue to follow the main road until spotting first small road on your right side, please make that right turn- by the car wash, before the tennis court- and reach the end of that small curvy road which leads you to the villa's parking ramp..

Check point – you have passed Villa Eugenia if you have reached Lovran's gas station or if hotel Excelsior is on your right. Suggestion: please call the villa Eugenia's reception on+385 51 294 800, your as close to villa as making 10 steps by foot.

Have a safe journey and a pleasant stay at our hotel, Villa Eugenia.

Hotel Villa Eugenia
Maršala Tita 34, 51 415 LOVRAN, CROATIA