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Through traditional cuisine and excellent local wines and foods and many original recipes Croatian story is talking about the history and cultural heritage of the country. In Croatia, the quality and versatility eat and vote on Croatian wines are widely heard. Upon arrival in Croatia, you have to taste the local specialties and local wines from Kvarner Bay.

The resorts offers a variety of restaurants, taverns, cafe and restaurants. The basis of their offers is excellent Mediterranean food with fresh supply of fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables. However, it can be found for fans of other types of food, including continental specialties as well as other national cuisines. As a former popular center of the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy, Abbey and neighboring centers foster a great deal of sweets that are served in cafes recognizable Viennese atmosphere.

Čripnja or Peka is the central part of the traditional coastal cuisine. Beneath it was baked bread, lamb and especially fine octopus under the bell. Part of Mediterranean identity, and dried cheese and ham, salted fish, olives from the brine pasticada, fine fish soup and ham, excellent shrimp, grouper, green and black olives, mediterranean fish stew and asparagus. Colors, flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean, the sun and the sea are woven into each dessert, cakes of figs and walnut cake with young cheese, cherries and chestnuts or dried biscuits with olive oil. Figs, grapes and almonds are the source of gastronomic pleasures of Kvarner and their guests, and krostule fritters and inseparable part of the Kvarner sweet identity.